P27 to tackle H2 with gusto after virus and Norway setbacks

Lars Sjögren, CEO, P27 Nordic Payments Platform gives FinextraTV an exclusive update on P27's progress in building the world’s first real-time, cross-border payment system in multiple currencies. He tells us how P27 has handled the disruption caused by Covid-19, what their plans are for implementation in the remainder of 2020 and why P27 is still essential for trade across the Nordic countries. La…

Video with Lars Sjögren CEO P27 Nordic Payments (short version)

Nordic banks take the first step to build world’s first real-time, cross-border payment system in multiple currencies.
The collaboration, joint ambition, and strong commitment of the founding banks ensure P27 has the solid foundation required for realising the vision of an integrated, cross-border payment system for the 27 million people living in the Nordic region.
P27 will enable real-time, batch, domestic and cross-border payments to be carried out quickly and at low cost on a secure and versatile platform. The platform will initially allow payments to flow instantly between people and businesses within the countries of Denmark, Finland and Sweden, something that will benefit growth and development in the region. The platform will be designed to be expandable to allow for payments across the rest of the Nordics as well, which will contribute to the strengthening of the Nordic payment’s ecosystem.
About P27
P27 Nordic Payments Platform AB, www.project27.info, is an initiative by six of the largest banks in the Nordics, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, OP Financials Group, SEB and Swedbank. The aim for this initiative is to create one common state of the art payment platform in the Nordic countries. The work started in late 2017 with the ambition to go live 2021. The migration is subject to a merger filing and clearing licence approval. The name P27 derives from the number of citizens in the Nordic countries, 27 million individuals.

FinextraTV & P27: P27 tackling the fragmented payments landscape in the Nordics

Lars Sjögren, CEO, P27, speaks with Finextra about the aims and objectives of the P27 initiative, the benefits of their real-time payments support platform, and how the platform is prioritising transparency to effectively communicate across banks, vendors and customers.

Day 2 and 3 of the Coronavirus Lockdown in Norway

This vlog covers Day 2 and 3 of the Coronavirus lockdown in Norway. It shows how to keep busy and includes some recipes to try and make at home during your lockdown. I’ll be vlogging throughout the lockdown and will probably be uploading more than my usual 2 videos a week. Please subscribe to my channel to follow me on Youtube!
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Norwegian politicians film physically distanced dance for national day

Prime minister Erna Solberg and her colleagues filmed the dance during the coronavirus pandemic. It was aired on 17 May on NRK. Mass gatherings and parades are not permitted at least until mid-June to try and slow the spread of Covid-19 in the country
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