OCBC and Rapyd team on instant mobile payments

Singapore's OCBC Bank has joined forces with 'fintech-as-a-service' platform Rapyd to build an instant mobile payments service.

How to pay with OCBC Pay Anyone

See a QR? How to use OCBC Pay Anyone App

Interview of ��Arik Shtilman��, CEO of Rapyd (IL) #fintech #payments #unicorn

Discover each week a new episode of our exclusive Interview Video Series where top leaders of the Fintech / Insurtech / Banking international scene speak about their vision of the future of finance.

In today’s episode our host Elliott Gotkine receives Arik Shtilman, CEO of the Israel #Payment #unicorn Rapyd. In this video you will learn more about what is doing Rapyd in the #Fintech #Payments ecosystem, what was the journey of Arik, and what are his views on the Digital Finance & Fintech world.

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Rapyd Bytes: Create Group Payment

In this video, you’ll learn how to use the Create Group Payment request, grab your pre-requisites, test in Postman, and see your payments in the Rapyd Client Portal.

## Feedback

## Presenter
Kyle Pollock – Technical Writer at Rapyd

## Resources
List Payment Methods https://docs.rapyd.net/build-with-rapyd/reference/payment-method-type-object#list-payment-methods-by-country
List Wallets https://docs.rapyd.net/build-with-rapyd/reference/wallet-object#list-wallets
Group Payment Object https://docs.rapyd.net/build-with-rapyd/reference/group-payment-object
Create Group Payment https://docs.rapyd.net/build-with-rapyd/reference/group-payment-object#create-group-payment
Retrieve Group Payment https://docs.rapyd.net/build-with-rapyd/reference/group-payment-object#retrieve-group-payment
Client Portal https://dashboard.rapyd.net/sign-up
Rapyd Postman Collection https://docs.rapyd.net/build-with-rapyd/docs/make-your-first-api-call#download-postman-collection

## Support
If you have a question, please feel free to reach out to our community at https://community.rapyd.net, or our support team at https://support.rapyd.net.

## Updates
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## Table of contents
00:00 Overview
00:26 Documentation – Bank Redirect
02:55 Postman – Setting Up Your Create Group Payment Request
03:50 Postman – Create Group Payment Request
04:59 Postman – Retrieve Payments
05:53 Client Portal – View Payment Details
06:24 Recap
06:52 Outro