'Fintech-as-a-service' platform Rapyd raises $100m

Rapyd, a fintech-as-a-service' platform that enables businesses and consumers to pay or be paid however they choose for local and cross-border e-commerce transactions, has closed a $100 million funding round led by Oak HC/FT and joined by Stripe.

EP#13: How Revolut Raised $250M & Plan To Reach 100M Customers In 5 Years – With Val Scholz, Revolut

I speak with Val Scholz, Head of Growth at Revolut. They have just raised their series c for $250 million valuing the business at $1.7 billion. We discuss the strategies they have used to get there. This episode is very product focussed as Revolut believe strongly in making the product so good that they have a viral word of mouth engine. Revolut has seen extreme growth and this episode gives a fascinating look into Europes most recent tech unicorn.

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Unrealised Loss: How To Cope

In this video, we discuss the 3 strategies you can do when dealing with unrealized losses in your stock portfolio.

00:00 Intro
00:30 Sell
06:35 Buy
07:47 Hold

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Unrealised Loss: How To Cope

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Card Issuing 101: Key Steps from Inception to Launch

Card Issuing is a process of issuing credit, debit or prepaid cards. It used to be only done by Banks, but these days it’s becoming increasingly accessible for smaller companies and startups operating in Fintech, eCommerce, and B2C Tech space.

In this session, Lakshmi Rajagopalan, Director of Program Management & Delivery at Rapyd, will outline modern days Card Issuing landscape, explore some use cases for it, and walk you through the process of Issuing Cards, describing key steps from concept to implementation.


Rapyd Talks are a series of insightful workshops and thematic roundtables on different Payments- and Fintech-related topics.

This session was recorded in Rapyd’s Singapore office in December 2020 as part of the Fintech Week at The Working Capitol, in partnership with the Singapore Fintech Festival 2020.

Learn more about Rapyd: http://www.rapyd.net/
Rapyd’s Card Issuing capabilities: https://www.rapyd.net/platform/issuing/

What is fintech? | CNBC Explains

It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that’s changing everything from how we make purchases to how we get loans. What is fintech all about? CNBC’s Elizabeth Schulze explains.


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