Equals Group acquires open banking platform Roqqett

Equals Group, a fintech payments group outfit on the SME marketplace, is to acquire open banking platform Roqqett for a total consideration of up to £2.25 million.

What is open banking?

See how open banking can tap into your transaction data to find better financial products or services. Find out more here https://www.openbanking.org.uk

Open banking is here. An opportunity for people and businesses to use their transaction data to access better financial products and services.

Step into an ecosystem, new apps and offerings from fintechs and financial institutions created to empower users, but only with your consent.

Perhaps you’re paying too much for an overdraft.

Authorise a comparison app to analyse your account and find a better fit based on your specific spending.

Or bring open banking into your business.

Connect your bank account and accounting platform to issue payment reminders.

Keep records up to date and spend less on making and receiving payments.

Of course, you are always in control over who can view your data. You can manage access at any time.

What is open banking?

Open banking is here – an opportunity for people and businesses to use their transaction data to access better financial products and services. With over two million users across the UK.

Visit www.openbanking.org.uk to learn more.

Loyalty and rewards for banks: Benefits from open banking

How open is Open Banking – Andrea Sonea – DDD Europe 2018

Domain-Driven Design Europe 2018

How open is Open Banking?

On January 2018, the Payment Services Directive II (PSD2) comes in force for all European banks. What this means for the banks and their customers and more interestingly what new type of players appear and what they can do?

I argue that despite the regulation being poorly crafted from a technical point of view, it will lead to some structural changes in the industry. Moreover, I believe this is just the beginning of a “modularisation” process in financial services and new functional business blocks will be developed autonomously and separately from the vertical technology stack of the incumbent banks.

If you are familiar with banking architecture or not, I hope the talk will reveal some of the opportunities out there for starting new businesses in the new financial services landscape.


Andra splits her time between consulting internationally for large financial institutions and doing her PhD at the University of Warwick. Her research interest is in the modularisation of the financial services architecture and the development of new large-scale systems as complex adaptive systems.

Andra built her career in consulting mostly with IBM and SAP and she has worked internationally implementing complex financial systems for large corporations and banks. For the past seven years she has been involved in the Fintech market in London, setting up a Business Innovation Lab in IBM, working as a Lead Solution Architect for the Innovation Lab of Lloyds Bank. She is an Anthemis fellow and a mentor for Startupbootcamp in London.