Decoding the Buzz: The Evolution of Virtual Accounts

Conor Colleary, Vice President for Oracle Financial Services talks about how Virtual Account Management is becoming a buzzword in Corporate Banking and the factors driving today's evolution, from self-service functionality, faster payments, APIs, and the current pains of treasury. We learn how banks are leveraging the use cases of VAM with their Corporate clients, Conor's predictions for VAM’s ado…

DAC WA Forum – Assistive Technology

The DAC-WA Forum on Assistive Technology was recorded on November 2, 2022. See below for timestamps of each topic and important links. ================================================

00:00:00 Forum Intro
00:03:30 Curt Johnson, MS, CRC, ATP – Washington Assistive Technology Act Program (WATAP) ([email protected]) Presentation Slides:
00:05:09 What is Assistive Technology
00:07:37 The Spectrum and Role of AT
00:10:12 About WATAP Programs
00:14:52 Other Affiliated AT Programming
00:16:54 How to Choose Assistive Tech
00:22:55 Low Tech AT Solutions Bridging Employment
00:27:15 Daily Living Skills
00:31:48 Computer Access
00:40:18 Staying Safe
00:49:29 Dr. Anat Caspi, Director of the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology at the Paul G. Allen School for Computer Science & Engineering ([email protected]) Presentation Slides:
00:51:05 About The Taskar Center for Accessible Technology
00:52:59 Designing for the Fullness of The Human Experience
00:56:48 The Importance of Participatory Design
00:59:55 Accessibility vs Inclusive Design
01:02:59 AT Inclusive Design Benefits
01:06:48 AT’s Growing Reach
01:09:53 Form Customization
01:11:32 Positional Customization
01:12:11 Parameter Customization & Tunable Sensitivity
01:14:18 Affordability
01:15:10 Increased Opportunities: Household Activities
01:16:10 Increased Opportunities: Recreation
01:17:31 Increased Opportunities: Community Participation
01:21:21 Increased Opportunities: Social Groups
01:25:12 Increased Opportunities: Play Pacific Northwest Adapted Tech Library
01:26:35 Increased Opportunities: Gaming
01:28:08 Recognizing Participants’ Subject Matter Expertise
01:29:47 Ways to Get Involved with TCAT
01:31:28 Forum Q &A Why are they called artifacts?
01:32:36 Are adaptive keyboards reverse compatible with gaming computers?
01:34:21 Is the Nintendo adaptive controller pictured on the market?
01:37:24 Addressing custom chair modifications
01:39:03 TCAT contact info ([email protected])
01:40:49 Alternate voice recognition for android devices?

South Korean Banks Are Opening Virtual Branches In The Metaverse

The Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) plans to launch on social media platform Cyworld Z’s metaverse. Other major banks in South Korea such as KB Kookmin, NH Nonghyup and Hana Bank are planning moves toward the metaverse as well.

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One PRESET for Clear Vocals �� (Bandlab)

A quick tutorial on how to use this preset from Bandlab to get the most out of your phone’s microphone. A lot of people have also been asking me about effects on their vocals and this is one way to do it! Hope you learned something new.

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Demystifying Virtual Accounts

There is a lot of chatter about what are virtual accounts. This WEBchat gives practical advice on what they are, how they can be used, and clarifies some the misconception that exists in the ​market. Dirk Kronshage Global Head of Collections, Cash Products, Deutsche Bank explains.