Autonomous billing platform Anchor raises $15m

Autonomous billing platform Anchor has emerged from stealth with a $15 million seed funding round led by Rapyd Ventures, Entrée Capital, and Tal Ventures.

BMO Tenant Billing Module Overview

VerifEye Building Manager Online (BMO) web-based software provides the Measurement & Verification (M &V) tools necessary to get the most out of your submetering system.

VerifEye Building Manager Online Tenant Billing Module allows multi-unit property operators to equitably allocate and invoice individual tenant utility costs and capture and allocate common area costs across
portfolios of buildings and facilities. The platform provides a variety of billing summary reports as well as a portal for tenants to individually view their energy usage information online.

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Abby Philip and Laura Coates of CNN discuss “Just Pursuit: A Black Prosecutor’s Fight for Fairness

CNN legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Laura Coates discusses her new book Just Pursuit: A Black Prosecutor’s Fight for Fairness with CNN anchor Abby Philip. Through these revelatory and captivating scenes from the courtroom, Laura Coates explores the tension between the idealism of the law and the reality of working within the parameters of our flawed legal system, exposing the chasm between what is right and what is lawful.

‘Bloomberg Technology’ Full Show (02/23/2023)

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How the BILL Intelligent Business Payments Platform Works

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