Dr. Jacqueline Dougé is a pediatrician, writer and speaker. She's a child health expert on the issues of the impact of racism on children’s health and helping parents talk to children about race and racism. She’s been featured on Today, CNN, NY Times, Washington Post and NPR. In addition, she’s the co-author of the American Academy of Pediatrics Policy Statement, The Impact of Racism on Child and Adolescent Health. When she’s not writing, she hosts What is Black? a parenting podcast that addresses issues important to raising healthy and thriving Black children and teens. Learning To Love All of Me is her first middle grade novel.

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Twelve-year-old Sydney Taylor is used to people questioning if she’s white because of her light skin and curly hair. After all, no one else in her family looks like her. Despite her physical appearance, Sydney has always known she is Black because her family is Black. But lately, she’s starting to question her racial identity. From her best friends declaring her hair too white to be braided, to a classmate’s twisted logic about a racial slur, Sydney is more confused than ever. And when a saleslady threatens to call the police on her mom because of a dispute about whether Sydney is even her child, Sydney is even more perplexed. But when she finds a mysterious picture that unlocks a family secret, the truth about Sydney finally begins to emerge. As she searches for the answers about her racial identity, Sydney must decide if she can learn to accept and love all that she is. 


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Dr. Dougé is a child health advocate focused on helping to improve the health and wellness for diverse children and their families. She works clinically, through community partnerships to advocate for optimal health for children and youth of color. With 20 years of experience in pediatrics and public health, she has helped to create programs and partnerships that aim to achieve health equity and optimal health outcomes for children and teens. 




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